Who is stephen colleti dating

29-Dec-2017 02:34

But, Lauren can't completely deny interest in hanging out with Stephen -- she admits to still having feelings for him.

At another java house, Stephanie meets Spencer and tells her brother that she's considering going to Lauren's housewarming party.

When Spencer starts calling out his sister for loyalty lines, Stephanie throws it back in his face, saying Spencer once befriended her ex-boyfriend and always had him in the house.

Spencer disagrees, saying the ex was just a date to a semi-formal.

SC: Yeah, having him perform in Trix with the whole cast watching is a cool experience.

He's such a staple on the show because of his song.

Audrina feels even more awkward when she learns Stephen's coming for the party... At Heidi's, Stephanie shares the news that she's getting ready to go to Lauren's housewarming party.

Heidi's smile turns to a frown immediately, and Stephanie's surprised.

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SC: Definitely the beach days in Wilmington, North Carolina and Wrightsville Beach.

You play a mind game with yourself by reading the first script and trying to figure out what's going to happen.