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The family also have homes on Long Island and in Palm Beach, Florida.'"Welcome to Merrill Lynch and to working your butt off." I enjoyed it, and I learned a lot about finance. I would see people who would sit there and sit there and I was like "my friends are at downtown Cipriani right now drinking bellinis and I'm here crunching numbers that are never going to get looked at."'She then worked as the public relations manager for high-end fashion line Vera Wang - which dressed her nine bridesmaids - before giving that up too, ahead of the no-expenses-spared Palm Beach wedding for 370 guests.'I had approached this documentary as something lighthearted and satirical,' she said.

'As I look back, it wasn't funny, and I certainly regret participating as this doesn't reflect who I am or my values.''My parents have a helicopter, which is really fun and they take it to and from the city when they go usually,' she says.

She also criticized the city's record in the welfare of other animals.

Weil's name was linked to an online reputation management scam, unearthed by New York Magazine this year, where clients pay to have Google inundated with positive entries, some of which have turned out to be fake. "'Luckily, Ercklentz, now 36, doesn't have to justify splashing the cash.

Until November that year, her groom was the worldwide vice chairman of impressionist and modern art at Sotheby's, where he worked for 16 years.

The Frenchman, now 41, later opened his own gallery, Blain Di Donna, with partner Harry Blain.'No matter what I hear about my parents and my family the fact is I am absolutely proud to be a Trump and of everything they have accomplished,' she says, though she does confess that at times she worries about living in her parents' shadow.

'And if I'm smart, I figure out when they're going and I can either get a ride in or out…

but then I have to take a car (the other way).' Hamptons life: Ten years ago, Christina Floyd, pictured, the bubbly, attractive young daughter of golfing legend Raymond Floyd and heiress to his sporting fortune, gave the world a tour of her Hamptons 'I brought three or four Jewish friends to the Bathing Corporation today for lunch and it was fine,' she says, but then adds with a laugh, 'Actually I don't know that's the first time I ever brought anyone so, who knows, I may get kicked out tomorrow but I think it was fine.'Since then, Floyd, now 33, earned a bachelor's degree in art history and communications from Wake Forest University in North Carolina and started her own business, Floyd Contemporary, as an art adviser.

With a net worth of around billion, Mr Bloomberg, 71, has indulged his daughter's passion for equestrian and paid for at least six horses, which she keeps on estates in North Salem, New York, and Wellington, Florida, where both her parents, who are divorced, own homes.