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Transitions from the Julian to Gregorian calendars have not always been smooth. Moreover, even if we celebrate Christmas on different dates, we preserve the unity," said a woman identified only as Khrystyna, who lives in Chicago and follows the Julian calendar. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Trenton, New Jersey, said some Ukrainians in the United States "follow the Julian calendar, because this unites them with their families in Ukraine.

In Chicago, the Ukrainian Catholic community survived the calendar revolution in 60s by splitting into two parishes.

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In 2005, Vadim Dashkevich took on the role as pastor at Spring of Life Ukrainian Church in Orangevale, California.

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Their location makes them the ideal home for Slavic speaking people and immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

On August 23, he became the 466th fugitive to be placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

On August 30, Soltys was arrested in the backyard of a family member's home without incident in Citrus Heights, California.

"We decided to leave out the death character as these are small children," said Kuzo. These are two dates Ukrainians celebrate Christmas -- according to the Gregorian and Julian calendars. and Canada, some Eastern Catholic parishes celebrate feasts according to one calendar or the other, and some parishes even have two separate calendar communities.

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The vertep will be played in the Ukrainian Catholic parishes in Sacramento and San Francisco Dec. The Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, but it was not recognized by the Orthodox world and by some Eastern churches, which continue to follow the Julian calendar. American date After living in the United States for 10 years, the Kuzo family now celebrates with the majority of Americans.In this sense, KAYAK is a search engine and we can't guarantee prices we find. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently.