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Tatsuya has been rendered speechless by Miyuki's beauty and he constantly comments and compliments the beauty of his sister, much to Miyuki's delight and embarrassment.

Even after living with her for years, he still caught off his guard against Miyuki's beauty and often mesmerized by her.

In Volume 14, it is revealed that in his contract with his Aunt, Miyuki's safety is the highest priority, with the duties with the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion being second priority, and his Aunt's command authority comes in third after that.

Until Volume 16, Tatsuya and Maya have a very business-like relationship, with him not being considered a full member of the Yotsuba Clan, and he shows great reluctance in asking for help.

Tatsuya quickly assured Miyuki that he would not push her away and that he did not consider her as someone abnormal or disgusting.However, despite the unemotional explanation of the facts and events regarding Tatsuya's state, Miyuki faintly felt Miya suffering that she could not love her son.