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C’est justement le classement des cinquante photos au timing le plus parfait trouvées sur internet (ou les plus parfaitement synchronisées, en français), que le site américain Twistedsifter s’est amusé à faire.

Chauvinisme oblige, je me permets de vous faire remarquer que la photo numéro 43 a été prise à une centaine de mètres des bureaux de JSBG, en Suisse.

Notoriously the case with foreign dubbing of English-language products.

In some countries (such as Poland or Russia) that's partly due to the dialectal differentiation being all but absent among the native population.

This cruise style is relaxed, allowing plenty of time to view the fiord’s spectacular waterfalls, rainforest, mountains and wildlife – you’re bound to encounter seals and, if you’re lucky, maybe dolphin and penguins too.

The Milford Mariner then anchors in a sheltered cove.

For many actors and film-makers, this trope is regarded as irrational because they point out that acting is not really about picking up different accents.

There are great actors of course who do this and achieve it and some films do depend on that level of immersion and authenticity, but there are just as many cases of actors who are great at their craft but speak in their accent all their life.

This led to general accents such as Received Pronunciation in English, and Mid-Atlantic in America.

They also point out that a film is meant to be fictional and not really an anthropological record of times gone by and that even in cases when actors use accents, there will never really be total authenticity since the sounds of an accent are drifting and changing all the time in reality.

There's also the fact that in the cosmopolitan interconnected world of the 21st Century, people on a daily basis come across people from different regional and international backgrounds so are exposed to accents on a daily basis.

The fact that actors come from different walks of life and make a living by losing their accent gave many of them an acute ear for accents and regional variations.

In the course of time, as directors pushed for greater realism, they also pushed actors to immerse themselves in the roles they are playing, so this led to a return of regionalism and the ability to truly push oneself in the role they are playing.If this trope is averted, you're more or less dealing with a Man of a Thousand Voices.

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