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18-Nov-2017 03:36

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To be sure, Millennials remain the most likely of any generation to self-identify as liberals; they are less supportive than their elders of an assertive national security policy and more supportive of a progressive domestic social agenda.They are still more likely than any other age group to identify as Democrats.() Only about six-in-ten were raised by both parents — a smaller share than was the case with older generations.In weighing their own life priorities, Millennials (like older adults) place parenthood and marriage far above career and financial success. Just one-in-five Millennials (21%) are married now, half the share of their parents’ generation at the same stage of life.More so than other generations, they believe government should do more to solve problems. They are the least overtly religious American generation in modern times.One-in-four are unaffiliated with any religion, far more than the share of older adults when they were ages 18 to 29.Despite coming of age at a time when the United States has been waging two wars, relatively few Millennials-just 2% of males-are military veterans.

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Nearly one-in-four have a piercing in some place other than an earlobe — about six times the share of older adults who’ve done this.But their look-at-me tendencies are not without limits.

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