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Our extensive testing on swing robots and with golfers of all skill levels prove those problems are caused by your wedge design itself.

In the TK wedges, our engineers re-distributed the mass more evenly across the back of the clubhead to fix these faults.

So they deliver more penetrating trajectories on full swings, and the distance control on all shots that is so important to scoring range performance.

Your wedges have to be the most precisely engineered clubs in your bag.

But while other wedge brands apply the same weighting design to all the lofts, we treated each wedge in your set with focused precision.

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And those shots caught high on the face fly almost exactly like a well-struck shot.

Hogan appeared on stage in his work boots, holding kitchen knives; he performed a rudimentary shuffle, threw the knives onto the floor and proceeded to make a series of jokes at the judges' expense.