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27-Aug-2017 13:31

This is when North Dakota cut the lead from 19 to 11 and caused players to play more minutes.

Regardless, we will beat SD State handily on the and see.

Tillie and JW3 should not need to be benched to convince them to post hard and play hard.

Robert Sacre often drew multiple fouls a game just posting up- before even receiving the basketball. These guys need to make their defender uncomfortable guarding them. Lazy passes, Perkins overthrowing passes, Rui just not reading what is happening at times.

Really, though, it is near impossible to judge against a 200 plus RPI team. I didn't even see the game bc I had enough faith that after the showing against No Da that they would be playing for their scholarship lives in this game. Still, Tils has ridiculous potential and it would be sad if he didn't harness his talent. Perkins had to play way too many minutes and yeah a couple guys had some big numbers, but they dont seem to have those big numbers against good teams. I like it better when he plays the 1 or 2 where he makes things happen with passes, dribble drive, or shooting 3's. I think Zach needs to spell Josh at the 1, and in the starting rotation Silas needs to play the 3 and Zach the 2.If you want to do it later please try logging in again. I’m concerned that Perkins had to play 35 minutes in a 30 point blow out on top of a big OT effort 2 days ago leading up to one of GU’s biggest games left on the regular season calendar. Please note that you will not be able to access your account until you opt in.

We strongly encourage you to merge your RED account with the one. I'm not sure what there is to do in Jacksonville, but we'll figure out something for 2 days. Just hoping for nice weather so the kids can at least halfway enjoy the beach.

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