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18-Sep-2017 03:41

It’s a sort of edgy, gritty, hyper-realistic result, almost a blend between illustration and photography.

As part of one of his courses, he talks about a technique for accentuating details in an image that he calls “Freaky Details”.

I think part of the reason to use a Surface Blur vs.

Gaussian Blur is to cut down on any halos that will occur along edges of high contrast.

You don’t technically need G’MIC to make this work, but the process of manually creating a Vivid Light layer is tedious and error-prone in GIMP right now.

Also, you won’t have access to G’MIC’s Bilateral Blur for smoothing.

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As usual, I’m off to Flickr Creative Commons to search for a CC licensed image to illustrate this with.Run the command: Filters → G’MIC → Repair → Smooth [bilateral] The values you want to fiddle with are the Spatial Variance and Value Variance (25 and 20 respectively in my example).