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Hence even if it could be proved that the Hebrew does not in itself contain the notion of belief, it must necessarily presuppose it.But that the word does itself contain the notion of belief is clear from the use of the radical, which in the causative conjugation, or Hiph'il , means "to believe ", e.g.

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In the Old Testament , the Hebrew means essentially steadfastness , cf.

(c) There is a controversy whether the same truth can be an object both of faith and of knowledge.

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In other words, can we believe a thing both because we are told it on good authority and because we ourselves perceive it to be true ? Thomas, Scotus, and others hold that once a thing is seen to be true, the adhesion of the mind is in no wise strengthened by the authority of one who states that it is so, but the majority of theologians maintain, with De Lugo, that there may be a knowledge which does not entirely satisfy the mind, and that authority may then find a place, to complete its satisfaction.

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