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Nonetheless, theoretical knowledge alone is far from enough to guarantee success in practice, and Mller spent all his time and money on experiments with his little porcelain kiln.

In 1774 Mller was finally ready to invite potential investors to subscribe for shares in a Danish porcelain factory, but very little interest was shown.

They wet very quickly, meaning that small changes in the content of water can produce large changes in workability.

Thus, the range of water content within which these clays can be worked is very narrow and consequently must be carefully controlled.

In soil mechanics, plasticity is determined by measuring the increase in content of water required to change a clay from a solid state bordering on the plastic, to a plastic state bordering on the liquid, though the term is also used less formally to describe the ease with which a clay may be worked.

Clays used for porcelain are generally of lower plasticity and are shorter than many other pottery clays.

Some years later, in 1882-84, the factory was amalgamated with the Aluminia faience factory and moved from the centre of Copenhagen to new premises in Frederiksberg.This was the secret Chinese recipe, which had been recreated by Meissen in about 1710.

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